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Welcome everyone.

About Dirty Joe's?

My name is Michael Weston. I live in the heart of the midwest, Kansas City, Mo. I find it glorius most of my fellow American's out at work on the jobs. Getting dirty just like me. I founded Dirty Joe's for the purpose of branding the things I design. Because I noticed people asking me? "Hey Chuck! Where'd you get that cool shirt?" So after I got a few of these questions. I started this site to offer my shirts and clothes to everyone.

Some days I will go into the local convenience store Quick Trip during lunchtime. And see the local workers filthy. Everyone from railroad, ditch diggers, and construction crews grabbing a quick sandwich, chips, and drink. Smudging mud and dirt everywhere. As they race back to work. Just to clarify! "If you have the balls and guts to get up every morning and go out in the elements and get your butt filthy to make your living. YOU ARE MY HERO! There is nothing like working 40 plus hours a week. Cracking open a beer or a snort of whiskey to start your weekend.

l myself have had many tough jobs in my short life. So I appreciate the little guy out on the job sites. Working thier butts off in the winter or summer weather. Just to eek out the american dream. I have worked as a roofing laborer, landscape laborer, and maintenance technician. And one thing I can really say. Is "The dirtier your job is. Usually the more it sucks!" So to everyone out working hourly to bring home the bacon. I salute you. And I will never fail you when you order from Dj's! Thanks for visiting my site.

And come visit us! Please.

US (Kansas) based business - established in 2016 - providing t-shirts and apparel for sale. Website includes e-commerce facilities, delivery and returns information, associations, blog, full contact details. reviewer
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