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Auxilry Interchangeable Shirt Buttons

Auxilry Are Elegant Interchangeable Shirt Buttons That Allow You To Customize Your Shirts. Make Your Dress Shirts Look New Every Time! No Need To Sew A Button On A Shirt! Replace And Repair A Lost Shirt Button Even If You Don't Know How To Sew A Button On A Shirt? Interchange Shirt Buttons, Suit Buttons, Fashion Buttons, And Suit Jacket Buttons.

Your Shirts Will Never Be The Same Again! Buy Buttons Online at: www.auxilry.comauxilry_interchangeable_shirt_buttonsauxilry_buy_buttons_onlineauxilry_mens_shirt_buttonsauxilry_blouse_buttons
About Company:
Auxiliare International is a New York City based company and it's product Auxilry, is an innovation of founder, inventor and menswear designer, Anibal Marin. Auxiliare International is the first company in the world to create an integrated shirt button system that combines no-sewing capabilities with shirt button interchangeability. We believe a great accessory is able to transcend its practical purpose and become something much more, a powerful and eloquent representation of its owner's lifestyle and taste. And it all begins, as you might expect, with individuality.

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Common questions asked about

1. What is the Button 2.0 System?

The Button 2.0 System is a precision-engineered interchangeable button system that allows you to customize your shirts with ease. You can apply this button system to any of your shirts, giving them impeccable style. With the Button 2.0 System, you can change buttons in seconds, allowing you to create different looks for different occasions.

2. What is the Restyle Shirt?

The Restyle Shirt is the next chapter in advanced shirting. It is a shirt that features the Button 2.0 System, allowing you to easily change buttons and customize your look. The Restyle Shirt is now available and offers a new level of convenience and style for those who want to express their individuality through their clothing.

3. How do I use the Button 2.0 System?

Using the Button 2.0 System is simple. First, remove the old buttons from your shirt using the included 3-in-1 tool. Then, press the fastener together and twist on the style of your choice. Let your buttons do the talking and create a unique look that reflects your personal style. The Button 2.0 System allows you to apply fasteners once and change buttons in seconds anytime.

4. Why should I choose Auxilry for my button needs?

Auxilry offers more than just buttons. We provide an invitation to share your best self with the world. Our products allow you to express your style and tell your story through your clothing. With our precision-engineered button systems and Restyle Shirt, you can stand out and be remembered for your unique sense of style. We also offer a Premium Charter Club loyalty program that rewards members with exclusive benefits.

5. How can I become part of the Auxilry society?

To become part of the Auxilry society, you can upload and share your outfits with us. We are always looking for individuals to contribute their sense of style and be part of our community. Additionally, you can join our exclusive Premium Charter Club loyalty program, which offers member exclusives and a 20% off gift voucher for your first purchase. Sign up for free and start making your mark with Auxilry.

Some reasons to choose

Customize your shirts for confidence and compliments with precision-engineered interchangeable shirt BUTTONS

Apply the precision-engineered button system to any of your shirts for impeccable style.

The restyle shirt™

Experience the next chapter in advanced shirting with the newly launched restyle shirt.


Express your style and tell your story with the perfectly suited collection.


Apply fasteners once and change buttons in seconds anytime with the included 3-in-1 tool.


Your 'signature look' will be remembered long after everyone else's cologne or perfume has worn off.
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