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12 December 2018

Fall in Love with Your Vacation Shoes

Finding the right shoes for your vacation doesnít have to be the quest for the Holy Grail. Whether you are finding super cute Birkenstock sandals on sale or searching for the perfect hiking sneakers, choose the right shoe for you. You want comfort and fashion, protection and versatility in any weather. Fall in love with your vacation shoes with these simple shopping tips.

Durable Shoes for You
When you are on vacation you want comfortable shoes that will last for hours of sightseeing. So what should you buy? Find shoes that fit your foot, like walking sandals for wide feet. Avoid shoes that are impractical. Why? Sometimes the trendiest shoes canít withstand the rigors of walking on vacation, especially if you go in the winter, on the beach, or on a trail. You want sandals or shoes that are perfect for the type of weather and conditions you will explore. You may need shoes with good tread or that are waterproof. Find trusted brands that have comfortable shoes that will last.

Easy On and Easy Off
There are a number of vacation shoes that are easy to slip on and slip off. This is ideal if you think you will want to take a dash in the pool or ocean, or just want to enjoy a luxurious nap. Find shoes that easily fit in your luggage and can be slipped in a backpack or travel bag. If you anticipate changing shoes throughout the day, maybe going from a light hike to an evening event, then find shoes that donít take up too much space. You can place them in a plastic bag to ensure that your other items donít get dirty or wet.

Break in Your Vacation Shoes
You want to break in your shoes before heading on vacation. This will prevent blisters and discomfort. You donít have to wear them for weeks on end before you leave, but at least try them out for a few days. You might find that you need a different pair or that you will need shoe inserts to add comfort.

The Magic of Three
You need versatile shoes that can be worn for a variety of occasion. Some shoes like sneakers and Birkenstocks are very versatile and can be worn in a variety of weather conditions and terrains. On the other hand, those super strappy heels or ballet shoes should probably be left at home. If you have room, it is best to pack three pairs of shoes. While some shoes can do double duty, having at least a couple of pairs to choose from will give you more options, especially if one pair gets wet, muddy, or destroyed by the dayís adventures. Be sure to only pack comfortable shoes. If you do need a pair of heels for an evening event, make sure that they are both practical and attractive.

Choose the right shoe for your travels. Pick style, comfort, and durability. Enjoy your adventures with the right shoes.
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