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20 Recession-Proof Businesses For You to Start Right Now

published on 7 April 2020 by
We are living in uncertain times. Many people have been laid off (if you have, we want to hear from you ) and are questioning the next move in their career. Given the economic climate, you might be reflecting on how to create a recession-proof business... >> read more

5 Tips For Making Long-Distance Gifts Extra Special

published on 7 April 2020 by
Check out these top tips for helping your nearest and dearest celebrate a special occasion when you can't be with them.... >> read more

I hated my Tattoo’s

published on 7 April 2020 by
‘I hated my tattoos so much that I made excuses not to go to the beach in summer with friends because the idea of being topless and people staring (they always stared, which I can’t blame... The post I hated my Tattoo’s appeared first... >> read more

Can a Printed T Shirt Save Your Business?

published on 6 April 2020 by
The post Can a Printed T Shirt Save Your Business? appeared first on The Teeser - T Shirt Printing Singapore. ... >> read more

Men’s Spring Fashion Trends: An Outfit Guide On How To Dress This Spring

published on 6 April 2020 by
Spring is here! But when it comes to fashion the question is, what should you be wearing? Spring is an interesting season. Similar to Autumn, it’s in between Summer and Winter, meaning you need to have a wardrobe prepared for both cool and warmer... >> read more

Crep Protect Your Trainers

published on 6 April 2020 by
<div style="text-align: justify;">At a time where everyone is talking about self-care, here at Footasylum we&#39;re all about sneaker care, which is why we stock the best trainer protection out there- <a href=" >> read more

London Design Week 2020 – by our Designer Emma.

published on 3 April 2020 by
I am a big lover of colour, natural elements and bold designs. The amount of natural greenery in all showrooms was amazing to see, and such a wonderful way to boost acknowledgment of sustainability. The showrooms are influencing designers to help clien... >> read more

Alternative To Dental Veneers

published on 1 April 2020 by
When looking for teeth veneers in the UK, there are a lot of options. A lot of dentists offer to fit permanent porcelain veneers but this can be a difficult and expensive procedure. Each tooth requires its own veneer and the price is determined by how ... >> read more

Your lockdown hair questions, answered!

published on 31 March 2020 by
Like us, you’re probably missing having your hair done, its an experience that makes you feel good, both inside and out. Let’s face it, lockdown just isn’t cutting it when we desperately need our trusty stylist to freshen up our locks. So in this new w... >> read more

Fix Sagging Sofa Cushions With Foam Cushions

published on 30 March 2020 by
Do you own a sagging sofa? The average sofa is said to last approximately seven years. This can vary quite significantly though depending on the quality of your sofa cushions. If you’ve got a sagging sofa it doesn’t mean that it’s destined for th... >> read more

Best of the British Isles Movies

published on 30 March 2020 by
We can’t get out at the moment so we thought what better way to visit the beauty of the British Isles than through the comfort of your own home? We’ve highlighted some of our favourite feel good movies set in iconic locations around the British Isles f... >> read more

Best Nipple Cream

published on 28 March 2020 by
Net Doctor have listed us as one of the best nipple balms, read the article at: CLICK HERE TO BUY OUR NIPPLE CREAM The post Best Nipple Cream appeared first on Essenti... >> read more

NYC Workout Studio Review: SHAKTIBARRE

published on 26 March 2020 by
Things have been flipped upside down lately. I’m practicing health and safety first - meaning I’m pretty much stuck at home - now I really miss all the new workouts I got to try last month! Here's the full review of last month's barre/yoga class... T... >> read more


published on 24 March 2020 by
The post STAYING HOME MENU BY LEBELIK appeared first on Lebelik. ... >> read more

Dress for Your Shape

published on 23 March 2020 by
At John Charles we believe that every body is beautiful. We also understand that everyone has their hang-up’s and that the key to occasion dressing is finding a gown that makes you feel amazing. Confidence is the ultimate accessory and what you s... >> read more

Ties to celebrate for Aberdeen cricket club

published on 22 March 2020 by
Aberdeen Cricket Club wins the league and purchase ties for their celebration. The club has been on the go for around 90 years and are reigning champions following a superb triumph in 2017, which was the club’s first Grade 1 win since 1942. The post Ti... >> read more

Coronavirus update

published on 19 March 2020 by
YD COVID 19 UPDATE Due to our supplier chains closing due to the Coronavirus pandemic, and to keep all the staff at YD safe, we have now had to make the decision to pause fulfilling orders. This is not a decision we have taken lightly after 15 years o... >> read more

Ethical clothing certifications demystified

published on 19 March 2020 by
1. EARTH FRIENDLY The textile industry is responsible for 10% of greenhouse gas emissions, hence wearing clothes that can cause potential damage to our surroundings and ecosystem is something we should be concerned about. Not just for our future but fo... >> read more

The History of Vintage Sewing Patterns

published on 18 March 2020 by
History, is the collection of events and actions that spans across a number of years, and continues to have a direct bearing on where we are, and who we are today.  For example, the clothing worn by someone from one country can differ greatly from the ... >> read more

How to translate a moodboard into a design

published on 18 March 2020 by
All kinds of professional design studios work from mood boards (or trend reports, as we call them here).  They’re pretty standard design tools and when you start working in a design role you’re expected to know what to do with one. So we th... >> read more

Top 10 Spring Wardrobe Essentials | Spring Essential Guide

published on 12 March 2020 by
The post Top 10 Spring Wardrobe Essentials | Spring Essential Guide appeared first on Modafirma. ... >> read more

School Uniform Pros and Cons

published on 4 March 2020 by
The post School Uniform Pros and Cons appeared first on Garment Printing. ... >> read more

5 reasons why PPE is vital

published on 25 February 2020 by
PPE is important on many levels:-  First and foremost to protect the employee The use of PPE minimises risk to the person, therefore giving ‘third party’ protection for their families  Protects any visitors who are entering the workplace Training in th... >> read more

Choose a Laser Hair Removal Session to Feel Better About Yourself

published on 19 February 2020 by
When it comes to removing unwanted hair, the treatments involved are no longer painful as they were in the past. Laser hair removal is very common these days and because it uses thin, light lasers that are cool to the touch and virtually non-invasive, ... >> read more

On-site watch repair service

published on 12 February 2020 by
Due to the ongoing success of our watch repair service, we are delighted to announce that we have an on-site repair workshop at our Lewes showroom. Dan has been trained in watch repair and is currently undertaking further training with the BHI (British... >> read more

Wiz Khalifa – It’s Only Weed Bro

published on 11 February 2020 by
Wiz Khalifa just dropped his highly anticipated EP “It’s only Weed Bro”. The project can be downloaded for free on this page. Announcement The Taylor Gang rapper first announced the project on February 8th, when sending this tweet in ... >> read more


published on 23 January 2020 by
Fun and safety are the two most important things to keep in mind when out on the slopes. Bolle Helmets 2020 Collection helps tick off safety, allowing you the freedom to have a good time. Our Bolle helmets 2020 collection is broken down into four categ... >> read more

Midland Langar Seva Society- Christmas 2019

published on 16 January 2020 by
The post Midland Langar Seva Society- Christmas 2019 appeared first on Keltic Clothing. ... >> read more

Do’s and don’ts of purchasing a fire fighting system

published on 15 January 2020 by
There are many reasons to believe that only the best suppliers who provide superior equipment.... >> read more

New Year, New You! Beauty Treatments To Give You A Boost

published on 14 January 2020 by
With Christmas now a distant memory and the start of the New Year bringing with it all its resolutions, we thought we’d take this...Read MoreThe post New Year, New You! Beauty Treatments To Give You A Boost appeared first on Semi Permanent Makeup... >> read more

Zoggs Swim Diaries: My First Triathlon

published on 7 January 2020 by
The Zoggs Swim Diaries series aim to celebrate those undertaking a personal challenge or complete something extraordinary. This one is no different, as Jess takes us through her story of how she undertook her first triathlon and came to love swimming. ... >> read more

Meet The Founder

published on 5 January 2020 by
Find out where it all began... The post Meet The Founder appeared first on Project Lingerie. ... >> read more

The Gingerbread City

published on 21 December 2019 by
Like many others around the country, we are getting into the spirit of Christmas. What better way to celebrate than to look forward with wide eyes and watery mouths at the Ginger bread city exhibition which brought together 100 architects, engineers an... >> read more

Sparkling dresses for the New Year’s Eve party with which you will look absolutely stunning

published on 21 December 2019 by
The New Year’s Eve party is that time of year when irresistible outfits, meant to highlight our uniqueness, beauty and personality are essential. Now is the time to be extravagant, more elegant and more feminine than we were the rest of the year,... >> read more

What Is the Best Anti-Chafing Underwear for Women and How to Choose Them?

published on 20 December 2019 by
Expecting your thighs to rub against each other during a run or even when walking sometimes has become normal these days. But what’s not okay is chafing causing burns, rashes, inflammation, or even skin irritation. So if you’re a normal person, meaning... >> read more

Reduce your Amazon Storage Fees: What You Should Know in 2020?

published on 19 December 2019 by
Amazon storage fees, as long as you want to open a store on Amazon or already run a store in Amazon, you must understand this fee. Because if you don’t … Reduce your Amazon Storage Fees: What You Should Know in 2020? Continue Reading The ... >> read more

Cheek Filler: Everything you Need to Know.

published on 10 December 2019 by
Whilst in years gone by having ‘work done’ was a massive decision to make, in today’s world enhancing our bodily features has never been easier. Indeed, Lip Fillers have become one of the most popular aesthetic practices in both the UK and the US. Acco... >> read more

Kids and Baby Luxury Sport Shoes

published on 9 December 2019 by
The post Kids and Baby Luxury Sport Shoes appeared first on Children Boutique. ... >> read more

Fire Retardant Foam – Get the Right Foam for the Job

published on 5 December 2019 by
Fire retardant foam. Seems simple enough. That is until you begin looking further into the subject. Then you’re inundated with technical jargon. Grades, specifications, tests, data, data, DATA! Do you choose the red foam? Do you choose the blue foam? T... >> read more

Get the Right Admiration with Fashion Accessories from Aldo

published on 26 November 2019 by
People love to make the most of their dressing needs. As a result, they would require purchasing the best apparel and shoes. When searching for the right fashionable accessories, you... >> read more

Looking for Christmas Stocking Fillers For Her?

published on 18 November 2019 by
Do you and your family hang Christmas Stockings? Do you need some Christmas Stocking filler ideas?… History of The Christmas Stocking There is no written history of the Christmas Stocking for when it originated, but there are many popular legends... >> read more

How To Add Website To Bing In Two Ways [Video Tutorial]

published on 9 November 2019 by
How To Submit Your Website To Yahoo & Bing Search Engine In this Video tutorial, we walk through how to submit your website to Bing Search Engine, which in return automatically submits it to Yahoo Search Engine. Bing has about 33% of the search mar... >> read more

VANELi’s Favorite Fall Shoe Trends

published on 3 October 2019 by
With the fall months fast-approaching, now is the time to get your wardrobe together for the fall fashion season. After you’ve stocked up on the season’s latest must have sweater styles, don’t forget to give your footwear some attention by shopping for... >> read more

Haute couture hand made wedding dress

published on 23 August 2019 by
Beautiful wedding dress. Details are amazing. Hand made by a designer called sagaza madrid. It comes with jebone veil and a princess crown. . If you’re interested i can send you videos of how it looks on a bride. And exact measurements of each part of ... >> read more

Where Is Electrolux Washer Made

published on 22 August 2019 by
ectrolux is one of those brands of household appliance that need no introduction. Its quality becomes merely a legend and is fully associated with such metaphors as Scandinavian god’s strength and reliability of the northern land. The post Where Is El... >> read more

Look Book (Click the thumbnail below)

published on 25 June 2019 by
The post Look Book (Click the thumbnail below) appeared first on . ... >> read more


published on 10 June 2019 by
As a worldwide supplier of womenswear clothing, we have grown to supply several customers over the years. We’re proud to say we have developed many relationships with small clothing boutique owners. Whether you’re starting out your fashion ... >> read more

5 Ways to Foster Creativity in Your Kids

published on 15 May 2019 by
How do you, as a parent, see creativity? Parents often perceive it as a naturally occurring talent in their kids, one they don’t need any guidance or help to develop or unleash over time. Many moms and dads equate imagination with creativity, while the... >> read more

Switched to a new web hosting provider!

published on 15 May 2019 by
Domingo has partnered up with G7Cloud and has now fully migrated to G7 Blaze Pro web hosting!  The post Switched to a new web hosting provider! appeared first on Domingo UK. ... >> read more

British Wool Part 1

published on 25 April 2019 by
  Wool has been part of Britain’s history since sheep were first domesticated thousands of years ago. Our countryside has been shaped by the farming of sheep for their fleeces and for food and, from the rolling Downs of Southern… The post Br... >> read more

A Guide To Cellulite Treatments

published on 11 February 2019 by
Cellulite is the term given to the formation of dimples and lumps beneath the skin and is absolutely nothing to be embarrassed about. Affecting more than 80% of women around the world, the most commonly affected areas are the buttocks, tummy and thigh ... >> read more

Using Birth Stones in Engagement Rings

published on 1 February 2019 by
Birthstones make a beautiful and unusual choice for an engagement ring. If your bride-to-be has a unique sense of style, a birthstone engagement ring could be the perfect choice. However, despite your best intentions, any gemstones that are set into a ... >> read more

Silk Scarf – Fashion and Comfort, Two in One!

published on 30 October 2018 by
Comfort sometimes kills fashion! Like when you choose sneakers over heels due to the comfort or when you choose to wear jeans over skirts. Of course, comfort varies from person to person, but this is a general idea whatsoever. And it also depends on se... >> read more

Top 10 Halloween Costumes for 2018

published on 27 September 2018 by
If you’re looking for a way to make an impact at this year’s Halloween party, finding the perfect outfit is essential. Whether you’re going alone or with a partner, you need to make sure that your costume is on-point. Here at CoLour Zone, we can provid... >> read more

Budget Polo shirt / T-Shirt – The most cost effective way for staff uniform

published on 10 September 2018 by
If you require a polo shirt that you can customise then look no further than Simply Hi Vis Clothing UK. We offer a huge selection of styles, designs and colour’s for you to choose from. Whether the top is for a child, teenager or adult, take a lo... >> read more

Top Men’s Hairdressing Tips

published on 20 August 2018 by
Top tips for keeping your hair looking good Whether you wake up every morning with your hair looking photoshoot ready or it takes you a while to get it looking good there are some things that all men should be doing to look after their hair. If you loo... >> read more

Metrosexual (what a word!)

published on 3 April 2018 by
From the Elizabethan men with their wigs and make-up to the modern-day hipster, grooming is and has been commonplace for centuries. So what about the modern-day man? Who is he and what sorts of treatments are popular nowadays? We have met men of all ag... >> read more

AOFM Graduates at Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week

published on 23 February 2018 by
Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week is an event that the industry’s elite fly from all over the world to witness, featuring some of the biggest and most recognisable brands. We took our graduates backstage this season to work on a number of shows. T... >> read more

Enjoying Sounder Sleep With These Tips

published on 7 February 2018 by
Emotional agony, mental stress, and physical discomfort can all interrupt how you sleep at night. Not being able to catch a good night’s sleep can be quite frustrating as your mind races all over the place going over everything that’s happened during t... >> read more

Dates and events for your Gothic calendar 2018

published on 25 January 2018 by
One problem that my woeful lack of organisation and forward planning skills often cause me is missing out on things I fancy doing because I don’t find out about them or get my shit together enough to arrange to do them until a couple of days before the... >> read more

Level 3 Beauty Courses in Luton and Birmingham Starting September 2017

published on 29 August 2017 by
Chic Beauty Academy will be running Level 3 Beauty Courses in Luton and Birmingham this September 2017. LUTON – Starting Thursday 7th September 2017. Every Thursday from 10am til 4pm BIRMINGHAM – Starting Friday 8th September 2017. Every Fr... >> read more

The cold process for soap making is very interesting

published on 16 August 2017 by
At Best Kept Secrets we work hard to provide the highest quality handmade soaps. Every bar is made in our own soaperie in Northumberland, allowing us to control every aspect, including the wonderful scent. We take our time with the products to ensure t... >> read more

How To Photograph Buildings

published on 17 March 2017 by
Architectural photography is perhaps one of the most rewarding forms of photography; yet it still remains as one of the rarest! You’ll meet wedding photographers, landscape photographers, and so much ... Read More... >> read more

The final sparkle

published on 5 September 2016 by
Your Robert Glenn piece may have the brightest gems, a shiny precious metal and the finest setting, but it still needs that final touch – the perfect polish. We really know how to bring the best out of our jewellery and polishing it just so takes a lot... >> read more

Make you own Boho Gladiator Sandals

published on 9 May 2016 by
    The post Make you own Boho Gladiator Sandals appeared first on ... >> read more

The Perfect Christmas Gift for the Man in your Life.

published on 10 December 2015 by
Indulge your senses with the Nicky Clarke Ultimate Men’s Grooming Experience, exclusive to Nicky Clarke Mayfair. Treatment includes: […] The post The Perfect Christmas Gift for the Man in your Life. appeared first on Nicky Clarke. ... >> read more

Our 5 Favourite Collections of Paris Fashion Week SS15

published on 28 September 2014 by
The post Our 5 Favourite Collections of Paris Fashion Week SS15 appeared first on Asian Fashion. ... >> read more (c)2009 - 2020