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12 December 2014

Five Fashion Mistakes Every Man Should Avoid

While a well dressed and fashionable man will make a good impression on everyone he meets, a poorly dressed man will leave an impression for all the wrong reasons. On the whole, however, men donít take as big an interest in fashion as women do, so they often make fashion mistakes without even realising it. Keep reading for a list of five of the worst fashion mistakes a man can make, and how to avoid them.

1. Ill Fitted Jeans
When women choose to wear ill fitted jeans, it can work in their favour. However, the same cannot be said for men. Jeans that donít fit around the waist, often end up looking baggy and overly casual. Instead, itís best to wear jeans that fit your body size. With menís jeans being measured by the waist and leg length, there is no reason not to find a pair that fit you properly. Even mens big and tall sizes are available if you shop around.

2. Believing Tight Clothes Make You Look Slimmer
Think about Simon Cowell and his fondness for tight T-shirts. Not only is it a bad look, but it also emphasises his wobbly bits, which would go un-noticed had he chosen to wear a fitted shirt. When you leave your 20ís, you donít want to be going out of the house wearing tight clothing. Instead, opt for tailored clothing that flatters your body and hides any lumps or bumps.

3. Wearing Sports Clothing In Public
Unless youíre taking part in some form of physical activity, there is no need to wear sports attire in public. This fad came and went in the 90ís, and thatís where it should stay. Functional trainers, Lycra shorts, jogging bottoms, and tracksuit tops should not be worn unless you are at the gym, or on a bike. Even professional sports people donít do it, so thereís no excuse for you to.

4. Wearing Slogan T-Shirts
The only people that look good in slogan T-shirts are kids. So, if youíre over the age of 13 and still wearing them in public, you might want to think again. The thing with slogan T-shirts is theyíre not very funny, and theyíre often worn for attention. The last thing anyone wants to see is a man wearing a shirt saying ĎIím out of bed, what more do you wantí, or Ď100% fresh meatí. Itís not funny, itís uncouth, and itís not individual in the slightest.

5. Not Paying Attention to Accessories
Whether itís a scarf, tie, or a necklace, you need to think about the accessories that you are pairing up with your outfit. Clever accessorising is the key to the success of any outfit, so donít just pick up any old thing and throw it on. Think about what items go with what youíre wearing, as well as the colours and materials that would make you stand out. A man who can accessorise correctly, is a man who knows how to dress.
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