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29 June 2019

The Essential Factors to Consider when Buying the Perfect Wristwatch

There are many wristwatch styles and brands out there, and if you are seriously thinking of purchasing a wristwatch, you have to know what brand or style best suits your needs. The right wristwatch will depend on your preference, personality, and lifestyle, and if you want to make the proper choice, you have to consider the watch’s purpose and your budget as well. But there are some ways to make your decision easier; a few factors can make a difference between choosing the right watch and choosing one that doesn’t suit your style. Here, then, are the essential factors you should consider when buying the perfect wristwatch.

The type
When looking at watches, you should know that there are various types. There are three basic types: digital, analogue, and digital analogue. An analogue watch will hold the minute and hour hands and the hours will be shown with numbers, roman numerals, or marks. A digital watch will display time in a form that is numerical, on either an LED or LCD face. A combination digital analogue watch, on the other hand, will have the features of both categories on the watch. An analogue watch has long been considered the traditional and classic kind, and it's good for business use and for more formal occasions. A digital watch has a more casual look and feel, whilst digital analogue watches are a practical choice since you can use them in both casual and business occasions, although not for truly formal occasions.

The materials
When thinking of materials, you have to look carefully at the watch case and the watch band. The case is the part that holds the watch's face, and it can be made from resin, plastic, steel, titanium, or brass, as well as silver, gold, and platinum. Watch bands are comprised of the materials mentioned above, plus leather, exotic skin, and canvas. Remember that based on the materials it is made of, a watch's price can vary greatly. Plastic is the cheapest, whilst leather and exotic skins can cost a bit more. Metals will be the most expensive, especially in regard to precious metals. Here's a tip: if you would like a metal watch but don't want to pay too much for it, you can go for a mens Burberry watch, which can go for as low as £205 without sacrificing quality.

The movement type
The movement type is the watch’s power source. There are three general ones: quartz, mechanical, and battery. A battery movement makes use of a battery as the only movement source. A quartz movement will run when the power of a battery goes through quartz material located in the interior of the watch. A mechanical movement relies on the user to wind the elements, and this can be either automatic or manual.

Some pointers: the battery is the least expensive and luxurious, and digital watches often run on battery movements. A quartz watch is a bit more expensive than a battery one, and they are considered the most precise and accurate of all the movement types. Quartz doesn't require much maintenance, either, although the battery sometimes needs to be replaced. The mechanical movement has to be hand-wound or wound during the day by the wearer's movements. Needless to say, it is the most expensive movement type.
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