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Boho and Bohemian - What is the Difference?

submitted on 13 March 2022 by

Boho and boho: two styles for one summer. Great, but what is the difference? We decrypt these trends!

When the nice days arrive, we are overwhelmed by all the trends that make us want to do crazy things. This year, the boho trend and the bohemian trend make us look good...

What's the difference between bohemian and boho?
At first glance, the two styles seem very similar, even almost identical. But if we look closer, the boho style and the bohemian style are rather different. It is the colors, textures and patterns that characterize them. In this article, we will see how it is possible to distinguish one and the other to make you a boho or bohemian addict! This is essential for the next step! Concrete example: when your best friend will announce that the theme of her wedding is "country bohemian", as a witness you will have to A.S.S.U.R.E.R. So we'll go over all that! 

Boho birthday decor or bohemian wedding? At Boho Andromeda editorial staff, we are infatuated with the most stylish party decorations for all festive events and we give you all the tricks to become a summer decorating ace! 

What is a bohemian decoration? 
Bohemian. Charles Aznavour sang it, at Boho Andromeda we sublimate it in our decor! It's a trend that people under twenty years old can use for their decoration and people over twenty years old, for their wedding!

Bohemian decoration is above all a flowery decoration that is dressed in romanticism. Colored or all white, depending on the event, the bohemian decor inspires softness and lightness. It is an ideal theme for a wedding decoration, a table decoration or an interior decoration full of freshness. Bohemian decoration inspires renewal, that's why flowers and noble materials like linen and beautiful lace are strong symbols. 

The bohemian trend is also reflected in the ribbons and materials. The accessory not to be neglected: the lace ribbon, ideal for all bohemian DIY! The liberty pattern is also an essential of the boho decor with its airs of bobo chic, we adopt it without hesitation! We do not forget the raffia and other materials like burlap and cotton too. 

We hurry to add bouquets of natural or artificial flowers (there are very beautiful today) everywhere in your bohemian decor. In the form of flower crowns placed on your chairs or with flowers in small pastel vases, the result is sublime! We've also looked at how to integrate flowers into your decor right here.

Finally, for a successful bohemian decoration, we bet on light colors (or pastel) that will add the romantic touch we love so much. 

What's the difference with boho? 
Boho ? What is boho? The boho style is a very interesting trend between the gypsy style and the American culture.

Boho is a lifestyle that emphasizes the natural and a certain desire for independence, you know that little side wild and free as air in you!

We mix natural elements with robust materials and a touch of spirituality. You can use wood, greenery (like succulents and cacti), feathers, stones (like turquoise, onyx, coral...), silver, pearls, raw fabrics (cotton, linen, jeans...). We have gleaned here some ideas to make DIY with wood, you tell us about it ;)

The boho dreamcatcher with their feathers and all their Native American symbolism that adds character to your decor also become our allies. Also, the wood is declined on small glass jars or logs of wood as coasters.

We play it free, a bit like during a trip in a caravan on the roads of the American desert for this boho decoration and nothing better than a touch of Native American culture to stay in the boho theme! Dare to use cowboy hats on the chairs, western font letters to write the names of your guests or the famous cactus with all the sauces! Because yes, although surprising, the cactus is super trendy this year. We decline it on the table with cactus table decorations or small cactus stickers to stick on your tablecloth! 

What do you think? Rather boho or bohemian? 
So ... What are the differences between boho and bohemian? Although it is subtle, the answer is a little clearer now! Be trendy and let yourself be tempted by kraft, lace and wood for your birthday decor or party decorations.

At Boho Andromeda, we would be tempted by a bohemian decor or a boho decor in the office. We took the opportunity to sound out the editors to see who would like to go for a boho or a boho decoration.

1 - The gispy pompom hanging 2 - The boho vase 3 - The boho dreamcatcher 4 - The woven hanging 5 - The cactus confetti 6 - The glass mignonette 7 - The boho cups 8 - The gipsy disposable plates 

1 - The burlap table runner 2 - The artificial ivy 3 - The wooden medallion 4 - The lace rosette 5 - The vintage display box 6 - The lace vase 7 - Antique rose 8 - The bohemian disposable plates

Not easy to choose! In the end, here is our verdict:

Boho style: big winner of the summer decoration for a super trendy interior this summer or even in winter with its light tones and the mix of wood and white. 

Bohemian style: big winner of this year's wedding themes with its soft colors and its romantic side!

Decorating with a boho chic theme 
Now that you know all about boho and bohemian style, here's a little inspiration to make a boho chic theme decoration! 

The boho chic theme is a mix of ethnic patterns, thick and beautiful textiles, without forgetting the animal symbolism (the feather or the head of ox for example), all adorned with gold for the chic touch!

We love this style of decoration which works as well for a boho chic wedding theme as for a cozy terrace decoration. We add candles, cushions and we are ready for a beautiful summer evening ...

If you also have your own idea of boho and bohemian style, tell us all about it! Share your photos on social networks with the hashtag.
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