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Making a Fashion Statement: Keeping Your Eyes Looking and Feeling Their Best

submitted on 17 April 2021
As someone who wears eyeglasses for corrective vision, itís still important to look your best. If you cannot get along with contact lenses because the thought of floating lenses above your eyeballs makes you go all squeamish, then what is there to do? Keeping your eyes looking good while ensuring good eyecare is important. Here are some approaches to getting the best results for both.

Find Those Fashionable Frames
Itís important to pick an optician that offers a wide range of appealing frames that will enhance the features on your face, and not detract from them. Some of the better eyeglasses frame designer names to look out for include Bruno Chaussignand, Bevel, Gold & Wood, Cartier, Lindberg, and Rigards. Fashionable brands come out all the time with interesting ranges, so donít just focus on one or two brands only.

Getting a frame that suits your face is extremely important. It must fit right too, or it doesnít matter how snazzy it is, itíll just lookÖ wrong! Getting fitting advice is valuable to pick the right shape. Once you have narrowed it down to a few frames, choose the most fashionable one that appeals to you. To get started, take a look at the frames here at artofoptiks.com.

Use Eye Drops on Tough Days
When youíve had a late night or didnít sleep well, then staring at the computer monitor wonít make it any better. Eye drops can do wonders to allow tired eyes to bounce back. Add dust and grit that can get caught in your eyes when youíre outside, and they can become scratchy. Rubbing them will only make things worse and risks permanently scratching your eyes. Use eye drops to wash out an eye thatís been affected by grit or dust particles. This provides almost instant relief and avoids the possibility of eye damage.

Get Regular Eye Examinations
When thinking about getting new eyeglasses, itís easy to forget about the examination and just think about what cool new frames youíll get to wear. However, getting an annual or semi-annual eye exam is not just to check on whether your vision has deteriorated since the last prescription; the optometrist looks for eye abnormalities and diseases that were not present on the previous exam. By catching these early, itís often possible to get them treated before they worsen.

Whether weíre talking about cataracts, lazy eye, Uveitis (inflammation of the eye), and a host of other potential eye diseases, donít get complacent. Weíre not trying to scare you, but it does highlight the need to get your eyes checked every year or two.

Take Care of Your Eyeglasses
Clean the lenses and frame carefully. Avoid wiping a lens when it has dust particles on it because they could potentially scratch it. Apply some water to clear away any surface dust or debris before wiping them down. Use an eyeglass cleaning cloth. Donít use another type of material because it will usually be textured, which could potentially scratch the lens. Always store them safely when not in use. This avoids accidental scratches and damage too.

Itís possible to look and feel great when wearing eyeglasses. Following the above steps will help to achieve that.


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