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Everything you need to know about hair extensions

submitted on 3 June 2016
Keeping up with the latest developments in fashion can be a difficult task to manage, especially with new things cropping up all the time that you ought to be aware of. Hairstyles also come into this category, and figuring out what your hair is meant to look like can be a bit of a minefield. Thankfully, there are many handy guides to help you decide the kind of look you are aiming for, and the best way to achieve it.

Hair extensions come in many shapes and sizes, quite literally. With this in mind, having an idea of what sort of style you want can lead to some overwhelming decisions. What if you get it wrong and get a haircut that ends up feeling far too short for the shape you are going for? This is where hair extensions can come in and save the day.

What are hair extensions, I hear you ask? They are simply materials that are synthetic but happen to look almost exactly like hair. Seriously, unless you have a top-of-the-range microscope that can see the fibres in incredible detail, you have got nothing to worry about. These things have been about for a while, and those who use them certainly know what they are doing.

Hair extensions can offer a number of different options to improve your hairstyle as well; it is by no means about length. Say you are after some dip dye motif, but you havenít got the inclination to try dying the entirety of your hair for fear of it not turning out perfectly, extensions can be a great way to filter these kinds of colours into your hair and see how they work out. You can put them in for a day, wear them for the night out and see what kind of reaction it gets.

Volume is also an important aspect that can be altered by using hair extensions. You can blend together layers of these fabrics and your natural hair to create additional volume, and it can easily lend itself to the style you are chasing after. There is no need to feel as though your natural hair should be able to attain instant growth, and instead of worrying about the fact that it wonít grow in inches per day, you can instead get them fitted to your hair by checking out Hair Planet hair extensions.

This way, you can test out the styles that you feel like you want without having to commit too heavily to a long-term style that you arenít totally confident about. By having the option to experiment with loads of different styles, the chances are that youíll end up finding a style that suits you a lot more, and that you feel much happier with.

Hair extensions are also by no means permanent, and you can get them removed at the same place you had them put in Ė and it hurts a lot less than getting a tattoo removed!


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