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How Many Funky Socks Until It's not Cool?

submitted on 12 December 2018
Funky socks are a boatload of fun and will add tremendous value to your wardrobe. However, there comes the point where you are merely going to have too many, and it is not going to be worth it any longer. For those in a particular situation that may have an overflowing wardrobe, it's time to think about if you have purchased in excess.

There are a lot of variables that come into play, but you are going to reach a point where there are too many funky socks, and you don't need all of them for what you are hoping to do on a daily basis.

Here are signs that you have too many funky socks.

1) No Time To Wear Certain Pairs
Do you end up finding no time to put on individual pairs of socks?
This happens all the time for those who have overdone it and have too many funky socks at their disposal. Most people don't need more than a few to maximise what they are doing on a daily basis.

2) Repeated Pairs
You will want something that isn't repeated all the time as that is going to be annoying. You will want to keep things simple, which is where duplicated pairs stand out as a good option.
You will not want to keep repeating the same pairs as it is not worth it.

3) Taking Up Too Much Of Your Budget
There may come the point where you are just using too much of your budget, and that can be a sign of trouble. Some people invest a lot in things they don't want, and that is the reason they don't like going down this route. You have to think about what you are doing as that will be the first thing to keep in mind.

These are the signs that you have too many funky socks and it might be time to think of making a change. If you are going to be buying socks, then you should always look to mix it up as much as possible. Otherwise, you are going to get to the stage where you are just throwing money down the drain and are not putting on the socks as much as you are supposed to. Don't let this happen and make sure you are adjusting when you get the opportunity as that will be a must.

Article Supplied with some Funky Socks & the Pulse Team


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