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The Best Tips for Relaxing Your Body and Clearing Your Mind So You Can Sleep Better at Night

submitted on 23 September 2019
The so-called best sleep remedies don't always work, and if you have been having trouble sleeping for a long time, you probably know this full well. The fact is if you have tried everything – from avoiding carbohydrates at night to staying away from stimulating television programmes before going to bed – and none of it has worked, it may be time to look deeper. And by deeper, we mean looking at and addressing such aspects as what you think about when you are trying to sleep and not succeeding. There is something to be said about calming your mind and clearing your head in order to get good sleep, and there are some great techniques for relaxing your body prior to sleeping as well. Here are the best tips you should remember for relaxing your body and clearing your mind so you can sleep better at night.

Take advantage of breathing exercises
You need to know how to breathe so you can relax your body. If you breathe from your stomach or belly instead of from your chest, this can go a long way, as it can lower or decrease your heart rate, reduce your blood pressure, and even lower your stress levels.

When it comes to breathing exercises, try this: lie down and then keep your eyes closed. Then place one of your hands on your stomach and the other on your chest. Try breathing through your nose; the hand you have placed on your stomach will begin to rise and fall. The hand you have placed on your chest should only move slightly. When you exhale, do it through the mouth, and push out as much of the air as possible as you contract the muscles in your abdomen. Continue doing this exercise for a few minutes, and inhale in such a way that you notice your abdomen rise and fall.

Release stress in different parts of your body
There are also some parts of our bodies which tend to be 'tense' as they hold stress. If you focus on different areas, then you can find out which part is keeping the tension, and you can try to release it.

Lie down on your back and make sure your legs are evenly spread out. Relax your arms and place them at your sides and close your eyes. Concentrate on your breathing for several minutes until you begin feeling relaxed. Then turn your focus to your right foot, particularly the toes. See if you feel any tension in this area as you continue focusing on your breathing. Picture your deep breaths travelling downwards to your toes and do this for about 4 to five seconds. Afterwards, move your attention to your right foot’s sole. Do the same as with your toes and try to feel if there is any tension in this area as well. Do the same with your right ankle, and then your right calf, right knee, and so on, moving upwards. Then repeat the exercise on your left toes, going upwards as well. Once you are done with this area, work your way to your torso, your lower back and then your abdomen, and then your chest and upper back. After this, focus on your shoulders. Make sure to concentrate on any area which feels stressed and tense. Once you have completed the exercise on your entire body, you should feel very relaxed, leading to a good sleep in just a few minutes.

You can also do your bit to help you sleep – wear comfortable and loose sleepwear, for instance, such as a silk PJ set, and make sure there is no light coming in through your windows. Wear earplugs if necessary, to cancel out noise. By following all these tips, you can finally get the restful sleep you deserve.


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