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15 May 2015

Thrifty Ways to Save Money on Clothes

Itís easy to visit Kingís Road or Oxford Street in London and come back with hundreds of pounds worth of clothes in just two or three bags. However, unless you have the money to spend on designer clothing, shopping in this way is never advisable. No matter how much money you have available to spend, these tips should help you to maximise it. You may even have enough left over to treat yourself to something extra special!

1. Buy Classic Pieces
First of all, itís a good idea to know what you need before you head to the shops. If you donít have much money, try and stick to a few classic pieces that can be mixed and matched together to create more than one outfit. Paired with different accessories and shoes, even a little black dress can look different each time you wear it! Also avoid buying anything questionable that is in fashion now Ė ponchos may have been popular 10 years ago, but have you seen anyone wearing one since? If you wonít get much wear out of an item, avoid buying it.

2. Shop Online
Weíre sure you know how easy it is to be tempted by items when you are visiting a physical store. You might convince yourself that youíre window shopping, but before you know it, youíve just spent £80 on a pair of shoes, and £40 on a handbag. If you canít trust yourself to stick to a budget, shop online instead. Not only does shopping online give you the opportunity to compare prices, but you can also make use of internet voucher codes. Dorothy Perkins voucher codes from is just one example of a shop that gives discounts to its online customers.

3. Visit Car Boot Sales
Car boot sales are often a great place to pick up some new clothes, and you can often find designer clothing for as little as £1 per piece. Before heading to a car boot sale, take a piece of paper and write a list of your measurements, and what you need. You can then make wise choices about what to buy and what to leave behind. Remember, if you decide to buy in bulk from one seller, you may even be able to negotiate with them to lower the price Ė ideal if you are buying clothes for other family members as well.

4. Check Out Sales
Clothing stores both online and offline offer sales throughout the year Ė usually as the new seasonís clothes hit the stores, though you can sometimes find clearance racks at all times of the year. Sales policies vary from store to store, but many of the online stores like Next and Dorothy Perkins will give advanced notice to their newsletter subscribers, so itís well worth signing up for these if there are any shops in particular that you like.

Clothes shopping doesnít have to be expensive, and with a bit of planning you will be able to get great clothes at discount prices.
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